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About the Fabric Banner

Fabric is a great option to make Banners, They are perfect for indoors where they will give great exposure with optimal quality.

They are better suited for indoor spaces. They can display any message and graphic that you want. Because the fabric is not as glossy as vinyl they give a different finish to your message, some people argue that it looks more refined.

We will gladly take any design, picture or message that you want to portray in order to make a unique Fabric Banner that perfectly suits your needs. Photographs, Artworks, Letters, The quality of our Fabric Banners allows for a limitless number of possibilities.

They can be installed the same way as a Vinyl Banner, use hooks, zip ties, or rope in order to hang them. Fabric Banners are great because they can be folded and taken anywhere without having to worry about how your banner is going to look.

Fabri Banners are better suited for indoors, because they can get dirty, wet and frayed because of heavy wind outdoors. This of course depends a lot in the type of fabric that the project needs. If you need a Fabric Banner Replacement make sure to give us a call.

Fabric Banner


Materials for the Fabric Banner

material plexiglass

Flexible Fabric

We use a wide variety of Fabric, for our fabric products like banners and tablecloths. Most of them are polyester based and have different properties. We have Fabric that are stretch fabric, backlit fabric, one sided printed fabric and two sided printed fabric.



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