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About the Mesh Banners

Unruly weather? Micro perforated Mesh Banners are here to help. Mesh Banners are made with micro perforations that allow the air to go through and not get pushed like boat’s sail.

Micro perforated Mesh Banners are better for places outdoors that have to endure harsh weather. Regular Banners tend to get tightened when wind blows, under regular circumstances it’s not a big deal, but during particular harsh weather or using a big banner they can get so tightened they might break or harm the structure they are attached to. As micro perforated Mesh Banners provide tiny holes for the air to pass this problem is nonexistent.

We can print any kind of design onto your Mesh banners. Even though they have micro perforations, they are placed in a way in which the message is not compromised at all.

They can be installed as any other kind of banner, using hooks, rope or zip ties. They are slightly lighter in weight compared to regular vinyl banners.

They can be more susceptible to tears if pulled harshly. They can be folded or rolled without problem and that makes it easier to store or transport. If your print is getting old, you can always get in touch with us and we’ll make sure to make some new Mesh Banners.

mesh banners


Materials for the Mesh Banners

material vinyl

Adhesive Colour Vinyl

Vinyl refers to a thin layer of adhesive plastic that can be pasted on sleek surfaces like glass, aluminum or polycarbonate. It is a cutout that proves to be inexpensive and easy to install and uninstall, making it great for signs that don’t require an overly lasting life.

Printable Vinyl

Vinyl waved into a thick film that allows to be printed and at the same time folded and transported easily. Great for outdoors and indoors. They are also Water proof and very resitant.

material coroplast



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