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About the Lobby Signs

Lobby Signs are better suited to be displayed inside of buildings. Our Indoor Signs are perfect signs for entrances. Lobby Sign show you company logo giving personality to your working space and displaying your corporative image.

Lobby signs are a type of sign that is elegant and professional. A good option when you’re looking for a discrete way to customize your space and give a lasting impression. Let your business be remembered.

Every company has a unique look, and a unique identity. So as every logo is unique so are our Lobby Signs. Each Sign is specially made for each customer.
Our Signs can be made as channel letter Signs, each letter extruded and popping out of the wall, even with light behind it. Or as a panel sign or light box. All of them great design choices.

Each Lobby Sign is different, we have a team of expert installers that will put your Lobby signs in place without damaging your building. Make sure to ask for our illuminated options.

Just give them a wiping with a nice damp cloth every now and then when they get dusty. If you take care of them and don’t smash them or do something harsh, Lobby signs should last you long time.

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Materials for the Lobby Signs

material plexiglass

Plexiglas / Acrylic Glass

Plexiglas is actually a brand name. The material real name is Poly (methyl methacrylate), (PMMA), also known as acrylic or acrylic glass.
Plexi is a great alternative for signs because it is great for its transparency, its polished finish, and its UV resistance. It’s easy to handle, process and rather inexpensive.

Brushed Aluminum

We all know what aluminum is. It is a silver white metal that is soft, nonmagnetic, lightweight and ductile. It resists corrosion and are great for sign making. This material gives a great reflection for signs, when applied with LED lights.

material brushed aluminum
material aluminum composite panel

Aluminum Composite Panels

This type of sign making material is a sandwich panel made with three layers. A low density core in the middle and two thin aluminum layers on both sides.
ACP is great because the middle core makes it very light weight and cheaper. The aluminum layers gives it a great polished metallic finish and structural strength.

Lexan / Polycarbonate

Lexan is a brand name. The material is actually called Polycarbonate. This material is strong, it has high impact resistance and temperature changes. It is highly transparent which makes it a great visual option for signs.

material lexan polycarbonate
material vinyl

Adhesive Colour Vinyl

Vinyl refers to a thin layer of adhesive plastic that can be pasted on sleek surfaces like glass, aluminum or polycarbonate. It is a cutout that proves to be inexpensive and easy to install and uninstall, making it great for signs that don’t require an overly lasting life.

Coroplast / Corrugated Plastic

This is a brand name that refers to corrugated plastic, also known as “Fluted Polypropylene Sheet”.
This material qualities include lightweight, nontoxic, waterproof, shockproof, and long lasting corrosion resistant. This makes it an amazing material to make easy to transport signs.

material coroplast



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