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About the Window Signs

Window Signs also include decals, and all together graphics that are placed with adhesive to windows and other glass or plastic surfaces. They are great to get exposure using a structure you might already have on your business to begin with

Window Signs are great. Chances are you already have a window at your workplace, put it to work using it as a means of advertisement. Just call us a well make a custom graphic for your window. From messages, your company logo, your products, anything is possible.

We can do the window decals with solid color vinyl making it inexpensive and easy to install. Or we can make it full colored, printed with great quality. Whatever you choose your design is as big as your imagination.

Window Decals are not particularly difficult to install. It’s like placing a sticker. Clean the surface you are going to cover. Start on one corner and slowly and steadily you keep gliding and pasting it till all of it is properly placed. Be careful with the air bubbles and try to release all air before applying. If you are not sure you can do it, we can do it for you, we are experts and we have been placing Window Signs for years.

Once it’s placed it usually last for a couple of years if done correctly. Wipe it clean and that’s all you need. If you need to remove it, use a hair dryer or heat gun to soften the Window Vinyl. Then with a razor blade carefully start peeling it off. Clean with adhesive remover and scrap the leftover goop. Finally just wipe with a towel and clean as a regular window.

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Materials for the Window Signs

material vinyl

Adhesive Colour Vinyl

Vinyl refers to a thin layer of adhesive plastic that can be pasted on sleek surfaces like glass, aluminum or polycarbonate. It is a cutout that proves to be inexpensive and easy to install and uninstall, making it great for signs that don’t require an overly lasting life.



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