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Print your company logo on high quality fabric table covers. Our table covers are made with high quality fabric to set up a customized table for upcoming events.

They can be used in trade shows to customize an entry point, a show table, or a display. Having a custom printed table cloth will make any table look more interesting and give exposure to your company or event.

We can print your logo or full colored images on the Tablecloths. We can talk about special sizes and models of table covers as well. In Billboard Connections we’ve got you covered.

Most of our tablecloths can be as simple as putting the mantle over the table, but we also have a couple of models that are custom fitted, or have straps or buttons to help them stay in place.

This can be washed normally, just follow the instructions in the label, and fold ready for another day. They are resistant to wrinkles when you fold them

Trade show Table cloth


Materials for Table Covers

material plexiglass

Flexible Fabric

We use a wide variety of Fabric, for our fabric products like banners and tablecloths. Most of them are polyester based and have different properties. We have Fabric that are stretch fabric, backlit fabric, one sided printed fabric and two sided printed fabric.



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Table Cloths

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