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A-Frame Sign

A-Frame sign also known as sidewalk sign or sandwich board sign is perfect for businesses who want to get noticed by passersby on the pavements and sidewalks. 

Metal, wood or plastic are the main materials to make A-Frame signs. Sidewalk boards are lightweight and portable to use as indoor or outdoor signage. As they are portable signs can be easily relocated from sidewalk sign to indoor sign anytime is needed. 

Custom A-Frame signs catch traffic to your business space of real state, restaurant, coffee shop and any individual shop near sidewalk and roads. 

High quality One- Side or Double-Sided A-Frame Signs are available at Billboard Connection Toronto based in Mississauga, Ontario.

There are Five Standard Frame Sizes for Sidewalk Signs:

1- 28" x 22"

2- 24" x 24"

3- 48" x 32"

4- 36" x 24"

5- 24" x 18"