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Billboard Connection Toronto:

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Billboard Signs also known as Hoarding Signage are extra-large signs having exposure to far distant views.

If you're looking for a large Billboard Sign or Site Sign (Construction Hoarding) you've come to the right place. Billboard Connection Toronto business signs are manufactured on site at our sign production facility in Mississauga, Toronto and other areas in Ontario.​ Our custom Billboards provide a range of color, material, size and deign alternatives to improve your brand visibility and display your company message to the broad audiences.

Our graphic designers will prepare and print your sign, then our production team will apply it to the chosen substrate to complete your custom durable roadside sign. We are very familiar with city signage by laws and we will help and guide you through the city permit process.


The purpose of the design and making billboard is to create a kind of advertising space that can attract the attention of drivers and pedestrians; as a result, billboards are mostly installed on highways and roadsides during days and nights. Billboards are 24 hours advertisement. Our professional experts are very familiar with city signage by laws and we are proud to help you through the city permit process.