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Posted on July 04, 2018 at 12:00PM by Marco Marin

Channel Letters blog post

Storefront signage comes in all shapes and styles. There are lightbox signs, flex face signs, even vinyl banners can help to name a business. But the true king of outdoors signage is definitively Channel Letters.

Channel Letters are those giant letters you see on storefronts. These letters are custom made to fit each business need. Some channel letters require illuminated letters that can change colours while others might require a specific lighting set up, or no light at all.

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How are Channel Letters Made?

As with any Custom Sign project, we start by reviewing the design with our client. We provide our expertise to guide through the process of creating unique signs for their store or business. We do this by analyzing the building itself and its architectural structure. If we have access to the back of the wall we can provide a back power supply for the illuminated letters. If we don't then we will work around a way to either give individual power suppliers to each letter or a special installation.

We give insight to the client so they can choose the best Channel Letters for their business. We also provide assistance on permits an regulations with the government. All signs need to obey a set of rules and regulations, we know how to work with these. We will give you and your architects all the information in order to go through this smoothly. After we have discussed the design and revised the architecture of the building where the Lit up letters will be displayed, we start our manufacturing process.

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Our Manufacturing process

Once we have defined the design and the planning is done, we start the production. We manufacture each of the different parts that will make the channel letter.

The Front

To create the Front of the Channel Letter, we take a 3/16" sheet of specialized acrylic and cut it with our CNC router. The CNC router is a machine operated device that cuts the material to the exact shape of the lit up letters.

The Returns

In the Signmakers jargon "Returns" is the name we give to the sides of the channel letter. The Returns are made with aluminium and then bent to shape. Typically this can vary in depth, being usually 3", 5" or 8", but we can work around in other sizes as well. The finished colour on the Returns can be adjusted according to our client's needs. We usually make our signs very tight. but sometimes some drops of water might get inside, therefore we but a couple of drain holes that prevent the sign to malfunction due to water damage.

The Back

For the backing, we use Dibond and a similar process to the front of the channel letter. Dibond is a light and sturdy material that has two thin sheets of aluminium and an inner core of Polyethylene, thus creating a light and sturdy structure. We use the CNC machine to do a precise cut and create the shape of the letter.

Anatomy of a Channel Letter

Lighting system

Nowadays the best and most common option is LED. Not only is this cost efficient, but also provides a bunch of benefits:

  • LED letters have a longer lifespan than regular light options.
  • LED letters spend less energy in order to lit up.
  • LED Letters are more durable to handling.
  • LED Letters can be programmed to give different colour lights.

Nevertheless, if you decide that LED Letters is not what you want, we can always work with you to provide different types of lighting systems.


Once we have all of our parts, we put them together using an assortment of glues, and physical mediums like screws and other hardware. We always make sure that your Storefront letters remain sleek and professional, trying to keep as much of the assembly inside away from the public's view.


Once we have made your channel letters, it is time to put them in place. We first present a layout pattern on the building to make sure that all the lit up letters are aligned exactly as it was planned. Then we start with the mounting. Usually, some screws to make a flush mounting or some Pin screws to create a standoff effect.

What else can we do to make your Channel Sign unique?

Printed Vinyl

Channel Letters have a visible front face that can be used as a lightbox. Complex graphics can be printed and placed on top of the letters in order to display different images.

Rotatory LED System

Our LED systems can be upgraded to provide programmable light rotations. These LED series come with the basic RGB colours and can be programmed to light in different combination providing an endless amount of colours. We can even program it to rotate or perform blinking actions.

Standoff Channel Letters

We can make your letters have a different 3D effect. We can install them with pin screws in order to make them "float" out of the wall.

Halo Lit

We can make a solid front that will not allow the projection of light, but having a lighting system that can give an Illuminated halo. This will make your Storefront Sign stand out to your customers.


You can get the answer to the most common FAQs here.

If you have any special concerns please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. our team of engineers will give you a clear answer.

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