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Posted on July 06, 2018 at 12:00PM by Marco Marin

Lightbox sign blog entry

Illuminated Signs come in all shapes and sizes, but few are as versatile as Lightbox Signs. The concept of a light box sign is fairly simple. It is a structure that contains a lighting system inside that illuminates the front side so people can see perfectly, both at day and at night.

Most of our lightboxes are made with an aluminium framing and the front and back of it may vary. Lightboxes are versatile and allow to display not only one but two sides depending on how you want them installed. So consider whether you need a single-sided lightbox sign or a double-sided lightbox sign.

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Benefits of a Lobby Sign.

Numerous of our storefront light boxes have a front that is made with a special diffusing acrylic. This special acrylic allows placing fully printed graphics on top, giving a broad range of colours textures and even photographic images.

Another option instead of using printed vinyl is placing die cut vinyl directly over the acrylic sheet. Using die cut vinyl for lightbox designs makes them cost effective and easier to replace if needed.

We have some options for high-end signage. We can make a full aluminium body with the letters and logo directly carved into the aluminium lightbox front. We can take it even further beyond by adding extruded acrylic lettering, to make a unique high-end Lightbox sign. This extruded letters will give out a halo light illumination, making it an outstanding option. We can make light boxes of any size that your business might need, and we can customize it to your liking. Make sure to give us a call and we will answer any inquiry you might have.

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Why a lightbox sign?

Lightboxes are placed outdoors most of the times, even though indoors lightboxes are fairly common as well, like inside malls (those maps that help you get oriented.) The main benefit of a lightbox is that they don't need a specific time of the day for them to be read properly. If your business is open during night hours, or you live in a place like Canada where winter scares away most of the sunlight, you can benefit from a lightbox.

Another use of the lightbox is that it can be repurposed. Thanks to the solid structure of the sign, the front can be changed without compromising the whole structure. This can be very useful for stores that need to display change on their products or services every few months. You just change the graphics and that's it, your lightbox is working as well as ever.

What can we use a Lightbox Sign for?

What can we use it for? We have mentioned some examples of lightbox signage use in this article, but lest be more explicit. Lightbox signage is traditionally employed in these scenarios.

  • Storefront Signs, to display the brand of the business. Usually small to medium-sized stores.
  • Directory Signs, to display all the names and maps for people to locate themselves in a building. Particularly in Malls or subways.
  • Product Display, they are great to display products and make it readable for your clients. Most fast food franchises have some.
  • Regulations and Safety Signs, sometimes a fluorescent ink is not enough. You need to make sure the warning signs are always visible. That's where a lightbox can come in handy.

So wrapping up Lightbox signs are versatile. They have great readability, they can be repurposed and they can provide multiple sides to show. If you want a unique lightbox sign for your business or you have any inquiry, please contact us, we will be ready to help.

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