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Nameplates and Doorplates

Office Nameplates are normally installed on the wall, door, desk & front counter or reception table. Depend on customers' needs and environmental conditions, Name Badges are made of durable signage materials of metal, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, wood, acrylic, styrene, plastic and ,etc. 

Custom Nameplates and Plaques can simply open up and disassemble, therefore they are very reasonable office signs. 

Billboard Connection Toronto makes great nameplates and doorplates. Define every office space and display a proper name in an stylish and practical way such as desk nameplates. We normally provide two materials (Aluminum and Acrylic) to manufacture nameplates and doorplates.

Aluminum Nameplates

We offer engraved nameplates as well as custom interchangeable plates. We also make a custom nameplate or doorplate. One of our most popular material is our brushed aluminum board with interchangeable plates. 


Acrylic Nameplates

Another popular material fabrication nameplates is Acrylic. It provides a crystal clear finishes as well as stylish matte finishes to your custom signs. Acrylic is lightweight and easy to clean and set up.