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Cargojet Parking Entrance Sign
Cargojet Parking Entrance Sign 2
Cargojet Parking Entrance Sign 3
Cargojet Parking Entrance Sign 4
Cargojet Parking Entrance Sign 5

Pylon Sign Description

Cargojet Truck Entrance Pylon Sign displays individual acrylic letters that displays edge lit edges during the nights. The edges are illuminated allowing for long distance reading.

Sign Details

  • Pylon Sign
  • Acrylic Lit up Edges Letters
  • Brushed Aluminum Body

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Cargojet Truck Entrance Pylon Sign. This Pylon Sign displays Acrylic letters with a lit up edge. The illuminated edges allow for long distance reading. This design is both useful and attractive. A unique display of sign progress.


A very refined sign. Making use of a lot of different techniques.

- Alex C. (installer)

It looks great at night. I love the light on the edges.

- P. Kent (passerby)

This Sign is definitely going to make this entrance stand out.

- Kumar N. (passerby)

I like this Illuminated Pylon Sign. I want mine NOW!

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