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The Abnormal Beauty Company Sign
The Abnormal Beauty Company Sign 2
The Abnormal Beauty Company Sign 3

Sign Description

Illuminated Outdoors Lightbox with cut letters and acrylic screen.

Sign Details

  • Aluminum Light Box Sign
  • Acrylic Screen
  • Outdoors Light Box Sign

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This is a unique lightbox sign made with black matte aluminium. Each letter is individually carved with our precise machinery. It has an inner screen of acrylic that gives a diffused and even illumination to each letter. This particular sign is hanging from the storefront ceiling. Unlike many other signs, this Illuminated Lightbox sign is located on the same level as the passerby, close to the window. Making it a face forward sign for this business. This illuminated lightbox takes advantage of a unique place as well as our masterful crafting.


It really surprised me when I saw it so close to me.

- Antonio Acero (passerby)

It is really unexpected to find a sign so close to your face.

- C. Chapman (passerby)

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