Electronic Signs Illuminated Pylon Sign

Cargojet Parking Entrance Sign
Cargojet Parking Entrance Sign 2
Cargojet Parking Entrance Sign 3
Cargojet Parking Entrance Sign 4
Cargojet Parking Entrance Sign 5

Pylon Sign Description

Entrance Pylon Sign displays individual acrylic letters that displays lit edges during the nights. The edges are illuminated allowing for long distance reading.

Sign Details

  • Pylon Sign
  • Acrylic Lit up Edges Letters
  • Brushed Aluminum Body

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Cargojet Truck Entrance Pylon Sign. This Pylon Sign displays Acrylic letters with a lit up edge. The illuminated edges allow for long distance reading. This design is both useful and attractive. A unique display of sign progress.


A very refined sign. Making use of a lot of different techniques.

- Alex C. (installer)

It looks great at night. I love the light on the edges.

- P. Kent (passerby)

This Sign is definitely going to make this entrance stand out.

- Kumar N. (passerby)

I like this Illuminated Pylon Sign. I want mine NOW!

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