Indoor Signs Acrylic Lobby Sign

Activaclinics Lobby Sign

Sign Description

Clear Acrylic Sign with foiled vinyl and an embossed colorful logo. It is supported by stainless steel studs.

Sign Details

  • Clear Acrylic Sheets
  • Foil Adhesive Vinyl
  • Multicoloured Adhesive Vinyl
  • Stainless Steel Studs

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This Custom Acrylic Standoff Sign is part of a series of signs specifically made for this company the design helps reflect the identity and wholesome ideals of the brand. It is a clear acrylic sheet with die cut vinyl decals placed on top. It also displays an embossed logo of the company with full colour. The signs are masterfully installed to the wall usign stainless steel standoff screws.


A very refined sign. Making use of a lot of different techniques.

- Alex C. (installer)

It looks great at night. I love the light on the edges.

- P. Kent (passerby)

This Sign is definitely going to make this entrance stand out.

- Kumar N. (passerby)