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Outdoor Signs

Billboard Connection Toronto is a professional outdoor signage maker. All types of exterior signs from large billboards, pylon signs, light boxes and channel letters to construction signs, A-frame and parking signs are our specialty. 


Billboard Signs also Known as Hoarding Signs are Built and Installed by Billboard Connection Toronto Fast and with High Quality Material.




Best Outdoor Advertising Solution in Crowded Areas. Bring Traffic and Attract Potential Customers to your Business with a Custom Billboard Sign. 

Our Experienced Team at Billboard Connection Toronto are Ready to Help you with City Signage By Law for your Next Billboard Sign. We Have Also Professional Sign Installers.



Pole Signs, Monument Signs

Introduce and Promote your Business at Plaza Entrance or Busy Roads with Single or Double Pole Pylon Sign.

Even Can Customize your Pylon Sign a Light-Box or Other Illuminated Signs to Become 24 Hours Advertisement.

Pylon Signs are Great Idea for Multi-Tenant Properties and Shopping Centers.

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Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs or Pole Signs are Large Outdoor Signage Placed at the Entry of the Business Properties and Plazas. 

Light Box Signs

Custom Lightbox or Signboard is an Outdoor Storefront Signage Promoting your Business to the Wide Range of Audiences. Make your Logo Visible and Shiny with Lightening Signs. 



Illuminated Boxes are the Perfect Choice for Storefront Signs. 

Shine your Brand and Outdoor Signs with a Custom Illuminated Light Box. 

A Back-lit Sign Box with LED/Neon Lights Attract People to your Business Sign. It is Cost-Effective 24 Hours Advertising.



Word Signs

Channel Letter Signs Also Called Molded Letters, Embossed Letters or Carved Letter Signs, are Fantastic for Outdoor Building Signs.

As Wall Signs the Channel Letters are Visible from Distances, so It's Easy to Grab Attentions. 

Variety of Shapes, Sizes, Forms, Colors and Materials are Available. These Letters even Can be Illuminated Signs.

Channel Letters


Channel Letters are Carved and Molded Shapes that Could be Illuminated letters. These Outdoor Signs are Popular in retail Businesses.

Construction Signs

All Construction Sites Must be Supplied by Construction Signs to Inform and Note the Employees or Passersby.



One of the Most Dangerous Workplaces is Construction Site. So It is Significant for Builders and Construction Companies to be Prepared with Construction Signs and Safety Signs.

The Most Common Custom Construction Sign is Reflective Aluminum Sign.



Customized your Parking Signs with Company Logo, Name or Image.

No Parking Signs, Handicapped Parking Signs, Reserved Parking Signs, Customer Parking Signs and Any Custom Signage are Available at our In-House Sign Company.

Parking Signs are Installed on Walls or Aluminum Posts in Lawn, Asphalt or Concrete Surfaces.

Parking Signs

Custom Parking Signs are Regulation Signage that Can Came with Company Logos or any Desired Texts and Images on Them.



A-Frame Signs or Sandwich Boards are Sidewalk Signs Stand at the Pavement and Walkways to Grab Passersby Attention. 



Sidewalk Signs

One-Side or Double-Sided A-Frame Sidewalk Sign is One of the Best Solutions for Businesses that Want to Noticed Passersby.

Sandwich Board Signs are Portable Signs which can be Indoor or Outdoor.



Whether you Have a Trade-show, Booth Display and Event Coming Up or Want to Stand Out you Storefront and Promote your Business, Vinyl Banners are always working for you.


Banner Signs can Use as Indoor or Outdoor.  



Custom Vinyl Banners are the Way to Promote your Products or Services. Full Color Banners & Posters Advertise your Business to Broad Clients.

Sign Projects

Billboard Connection Toronto Provides Sign Projects for all Customers. Customized your signs with us.



Billboard Connection Toronto is not Just a Normal Sign Shop, but the One with Creative Signage Ideas for your Businesses.

From Trade-Show Booths and Banners to Innovative Die Cut Vinyl Signs, all are Customized.

Contact Us Today to Share your Desired Sign Design with our Professional Team. We are Here to Make your Dream Happen.