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TC-4 Lane Closure Arrow Sign

Billboard Connection provides you with helpful Road Temporary Construction Signs for you. Our amazing signs can be made in a variety of sizes, standard size  36"x36"; but we can make any size that you need upon a customer request. All of our signs are made with top quality .060”Aluminum or 3mm Aluminum Composite, both of them are strong and resistant materials that make your signs sturdy and durable in any condition, particularly strong against harsh wind, that bends other companies signs. Aluminum brings the advantage that it's rust free so you can use them in outdoors and it works amazingly.

Our Signs can be printed in either Reflective or Non-Reflective Material. Reflective Regulatory Signs are great for traffic signs and to be seen by cars during the night. Non-Reflective are great for pedestrians.


The TC-4 sign must be used to inform road users to merge into an adjacent open lane or on a partial lane shift.

900 mm x 900 mm (standard)
750 mm x 750 mm - truck-mounted TC-4 may be used for SD work operations where the normal
posted speed is 60 km/h or lower.
1200 mm x 1200 mm (oversized) - must be used on roadways with more than two lanes for long duration
operations and posted speeds of 70 km/h or higher. In urban areas, the standard size sign
may be used if space does not permit the oversized sign.
1200 mm x 1200 mm (oversized) - must be used on freeways.

TC-4 Lane Closure Arrow Sign

SKU: TC0012
Reflective or Non-Reflective

We customize aluminum signs to meet your requirement at no extra cost. Please Contact us!

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  • 30"x30"(75x75cm)
  • 36"x36"(90x90cm)
  • 48"x48"(120x120cm)


  • Aluminum


  • Reflective
  • Non-Reflective