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Pylon Signs

Pole Signs, Monument Signs, Road Signs, Highway Signs

Looking for a 24 hours advertising? Pylon sign is the best and affordable solution.

Pylon sign is normally a large outdoor signage located near the street entrance of a commercial property or plaza entry. Pole signs give your business logo, products or services the opportunity of being visible from far distances. Drivers and pedestrians are attracted by Pylon signs to your business. Monument signs are free-standing structure signs made and installed by professional sign manufacturers. Billboard Connection Toronto offers durable sign materials of aluminum, metal, acrylic, LED and etc for your custom Pylon sign.

Custom Pylon Signs can be:

- Illuminated or non-illuminated sign

- Single sided or double sided sign

- Freestanding or supported by 2 poles

Pole signs require a municipal permit before they can be constructed and installed. We at Billboard Connection Toronto are knowledgeable of city signage bylaws and experienced with permit applications. Let us help you through the sign making process.

All our Pylon Signs are customized to your needs to make the desired signage design that best suits your business demands.