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Billboard Connection Toronto:

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Vinyl Banners

Billboard Connection Toronto provides high quality custom vinyl signs

Banners are a perfect way to promote businesses, brand awareness or advertise anything. Custom Vinyl Banners are suitable for all occasions from trade-show and booth display to storefront sign and any event setup.

Why Vinyl banners?

- Durable & Weather-Resistant

- Portable & Lightweight

- Easy to Clean & Waterproof

- High Quality & Affordable

Vinyl banners are inexpensive and durable. Air cannot pass through the material and because of this, they can behave like a sail in high winds. Our banners come with reinforced grommets so that vinyl banner may be securely fastened.

Custom Vinyl Banners are perfect to use Outdoor & Indoor, depends on your needs. 

If you are not sure about your custom banner design yet, contact us today. We have multiple choices of vinyl colors and materials. Vertical or Horizontal banner, doesn't matter as long as they are easily portable. 

Large Format Banners

We can make banners big, REALLY big. Thanks to our 96" wide printer, we can join your banner together in 8 foot segments. No size is too large!